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A Father’s Love – The Prodigal Son Part 2

a fathers love1

I’m not sure there is any greater grief than what a parent feels at the loss of a child. I cannot speak from personal experience, and I know I cannot even begin to understand this pain. This is not an experience with which most parents expect to deal. If you have gone through this trial, there is no greater One that understands your loss than our heavenly Father. He gave His only begotten Son. He realized the fullness of this agony when His Son died the cruelest death in the history of mankind. Continue reading

Searching for a Lost Sheep

Searching for a Lost Sheep

One day a young college student walked into a church in the town of the university he had just begun attending. As he started to sit down, the lady in the pew behind him leaned forward and said, “Oh no, you can’t sit there! That is Mrs. I-shall-not-be-moved’s seat.” The student quickly picked up his Bible and made his way to the other side of the auditorium. As he began sitting down for the second time, a young girl turned around and stated, “Oh, that’s Mr. Pew-warmer’s seat.” The student finally found a seat and sat down. As the last prayer was being said, he skirted around the people and out the door never to return.

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